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Luca Rivano


As the CEO of Sinergy Srl, Luca Rivano leads a dynamic service company that offers specialized solutions across various industrial sectors. With a background in Electronics and Communications Engineering and extensive qualifications including COMPEX Inspector and NDT II Level, Luca  brings over a decade of expertise to the company’s operations.

Since assuming leadership in 2019, he has driven Sinergy towards rapid growth, emphasizing the commitment to Quality Management, Engineering, Training courses, and Safety. The company’s bespoke services are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients, reflecting a dedication to excellence.

Committed to Sinergy’s continued growth and success, Luca is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to clients while maintaining a culture of excellence within the organization.

Francesca Poggi

HR / Head of Administration

Bringing extensive legal expertise to Sinergy Srl, Francesca is a pivotal member of the team, overseeing personnel management, administrative projects, and office operations.

Formerly a civil lawyer specializing in contract drafting, legal translations, debt recovery, and various legal proceedings, Francesca spent several years in private practice at Studio Legale Poggi. 

Transitioning seamlessly to Sinergy, she integrates legal acumen into diverse business operations, contributing to smooth administrative processes and project management. Their international exposure and fluency in English and Spanish enhance Sinergy’s global outlook and facilitate effective communication with clients worldwide.

Committed to excellence and armed with a versatile skill set honed through legal practice, Francesca is dedicated to driving Sinergy’s success, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and optimal outcomes across all endeavors.

Francesca Rivano

marketing and sales

Francesca Rivano brings over 19 years of experience as a freelance translator,  Grafic designer, and project Manager.

Her expertise encompasses a wide range of fields, including marketing for a financial asset manager, teaching at Westminster University and  translation. 

Francesca’s multicultural skills and proficiency in various languages make her an invaluable addition to Sinergy. Her background in DTP, CMS, and creative services, coupled with her marketing experience, positions her to contribute effectively to Sinergy’s projects, enhancing communication and expanding market reach.

Stella Tonti

Administration / Training

Stella brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Sinergy. With a diverse background encompassing roles in administration, marketing, communication, and customer service, Stella is a versatile professional known for her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail.

Having recently joined Sinergy, Stella’s proficiency in office management, client relations, and project coordination make her an invaluable asset to the team. 

Stella’s background extends to communication and marketing roles, having served as a Communication and Marketing Manager, where she developed strategic communication plans and managed marketing activities both nationally and internationally. 

Throughout her career, Stella has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering high-quality service. Her expertise in areas such as office administration, client management, and marketing strategy will undoubtedly contribute to Sinergy’s continued success and growth. 

Our Certifications

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ISO 9001


Globally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), ISO 9001 sets forth criteria for organizations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements while enhancing customer satisfaction.

This certification reflects Sinergy’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest levels of quality across all aspects of our operations. By adhering to ISO 9001 standards, we ensure that our processes are systematically monitored, evaluated, and improved upon, driving efficiency and effectiveness throughout our organization.

Sinergy’s ISO 9001 certification serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence and customer satisfaction in everything we do. It underscores our proactive approach to quality management, continuous improvement, and customer-focused service delivery, making us a trusted partner for our clients and stakeholders.




Established in 1925 with a mission to enhance road safety through vehicle inspection, DEKRA has evolved into the global leader in the Testing, Inspection, and Certification sector, renowned for its independence and expertise.

Sinergy’s achievement of DEKRA certification for NDT courses underscores our commitment to delivering excellence and upholding the highest standards. This certification serves as a testament to the quality and credibility of our NDT training program, ensuring that participants receive top-tier instruction and preparation for their roles in non-destructive testing.

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